Copiii cu nevoi speciale au multe daruri

But most of all, I placed specific abilities in that 47th chromosome. In it, I placed….
The ability to choose JOY, in all circumstances.
The ability to say what is meant, and mean what is said.
The ability to overcome and persevere, despite countless obstacles and opposition.
The ability to shine light in places that have none.
The ability to see & understand things in spiritual realms, that other people can’t.
The ability to make people smile, with one glance.
The ability to see good, where other people see bad.
The ability to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.
The ability to NOT be corrupted by the world’s standards of beauty, strength and intelligence.
The ability to LOVE deeply, fiercely and unconditionally, despite hate.
ANd….The ability to forgive quickly, without blame or grudge.
All of these abilities are seen in the very people that are said to have a “disability”. And you, as “normal” human beings, struggle to achieve even ONE of these things.

Excerpted from Tesori Family Foundation

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