The Romanians’ warm hearts defeated the cold, as a world gathered for life for the 2018 Pro-life March in about 300 Romanian towns

On Saturday, March 24, about 300 towns in Romania and the Republic of Moldova hosted the 2018 Pro-life March, whose theme this year was “A Pro-life World”. In the face of the cold weather warnings, only three local organisers cancelled the March. As for the rest of the Romanians, their love for life conquered the cold and defeated the snow, as they marched together in about 300 towns in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, to support women in a

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Press release: Pro-life march 2018: “A Pro-life World” – Saturday, March 24 and Pro-life Month – March 1-31, 2018

Hundreds of cities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova will host the 2018 Pro-life Month – “A Pro-life World” event during March 1-31, 2018, which will culminate with the 2018 Pro-life March – “A Pro-life World” on Saturday, March 24, 2018. The measure of a society’s responsibility and growth is given by the extent to which the society protects the life of each and every one of its members. Man’s right to life, freedom, and dignity does not start

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